Glasgow 1245 was built at Coplawhill works by Glasgow Corporation transport and completed on 29/5/1939

Some of the men who built her, chalked their names and date under the panelling. You can see this on the Live at 5 video

Coplawhill works opened in 1893 and was the main tram terminus, depot and factory for Glasgow Corporation transport until the tramway closed in 1962.

The building was then used for the Museum of Transport until 1986 and in 1990 the building re-opened as the Tramway Theatre.


1939 - 1963

1245 was based at Parkhead tram depot (Tollcross Road) and ran through Coatbridge on route 23 until 1956 when this part of the tramway system was closed. It was then moved to the city centre service to carry on in normal passenger service until it was withdrawn in 19/6/1962.

The tram was then used to shunt other trams waiting to be scrapped up until 1963.

Its final task was to push 1272 in to the erecting shop at the back of Coplawhill works, after which the overhead power would be turned off for the very last time.



1963 - 2002

When 1245 was withdrawn from passenger service in 1962, it was used to move other tram's waiting to be scrapped.

In 1963 the tram was moved to East Anglia Transport Museum,and then again to Blackpool Transport's Rigby Road depot in 1998.

Summerlee Museum gained ownership in 2002.


2002 - PRESENT

Glasgow tram 1245 arrived at Summerlee in 2002.

Restoration started in 2011, and in 2012, the tram body was lifted up and the truck's were removed. During late 2012 the restoration of motor 1 was completed.

In 2013 the trucks and motors were moved to the museum workshop and later in the year, the tram body.

By 2014 1 truck and 2 motors had been restored and a custom test system was built to check the remaining motors.